Totally Mobile

For many popular authoring tools, mobile is mostly an afterthought — some half-baked features shoe-horned into a bulky legacy application.

Deckspert was designed with mobile foremost in mind. Fully responsive and geared to the short-attention spans of the on-the-job/on-the-go learner, Deckspert leaves desktop tools behind.



You can use Deckspert on your tablet to create on-the-spot training.

If you can take pictures and describe the steps of a process, you can generate effective solutions to most of your training needs in mere minutes instead of days.

Check out our  demo video to see just how easy it is.



Deckspert licenses are less expensive than most authoring tools on the market these days, but the real savings comes in the time and effort you’ll save in creating your training. The Deckspert approach also reduces the overall time-to-competency of your trainees, saving your company tons in labor and training costs.

Take a look at our Case Studies to see how Deckspert can improve your bottom line.



Deckspert breaks down job tasks into clear, bite-sized chunks, encouraging a flashcard-based approach to training content. By simplifying complex procedures, Deckspert makes training both easier to create for the author and easier to take for the learner.

Find out more about the Deckspert approach here.



Deckspert comes with five activity templates, all of which feature Learn, Practice, Challenge, and Assessment modes. These activities are designed to introduce new material in condensed, mobile-friendly, and time-saving ways. Once learners have mastered the content through practice and self-testing, the assessment mode provides an observer checklist to validate that the trainee can adequately demonstrate the on-the-job skill being trained.

With Deckspert, “microlearning” translates as time-sensitive skills training.


Performance Support

Deckspert provides free hosting for a performance support hub for all your employees. Once you’ve created decks for your mission-critical tasks, it only takes a few clicks to publish them to central repository where your employees can have just-in-time access to these materials, whenever and wherever they need them

With Deckspert, once you’ve created a set of decks, you’ve covered both your training and performance support needs.