Conceived and designed for a deskless workforce, Deckspert is founded on a practical understanding of both the challenges and the benefits of mobile learning. When it is un-anchored from the desktop, training can become a more engaging, peer-to-peer driven experience, flowing alongside with the natural rhythms of the workplace instead of disrupting or resisting them.


We firmly believe in the 70-20-10 rule — the idea that the vast majority of on-the-job know-how comes from practical on-the-job experience, while only a small portion can be attributed to formal training. Deckspert is designed to enhance and support the kind of on-the-job learning that research has shown to be the most effective in achieving results.


Mobile learning should always be microlearning. Modern audiences don’t have the time or patience to sit through hours of non-essential instruction. Deckspert is designed to deliver just the mission-critical content that a trainee needs to do their job well and no more. By making that content easily accessible in a variety of user-friendly forms — slideshows, “listicles,” brief videos, self-tests, interactive practice activities — Deckspert simplifies the training process by reducing it to just what’s needed in just the time that’s available.


The goal of every training experience is to create behavior change. Even the most content-focused training is intended to make the trainee better at doing something (sales, customer service, etc.). Unnecessary verbiage in training means wasted time and resources. Through its integrated, minimalist approach, Deckspert focuses on the measurable skills that impact your business’s bottom line and cuts the fat from your employees’ training time.


Deckspert puts the responsibility for training in the learner’s own hands, literally and figuratively. There is no prescribed path through the Deckspert training program: as soon as the trainee feels ready, they can go straight to the skills-assessment without spending extra time mastering content they already know. Deckspert understands that the value of training is not in the process itself, but in its outcomes.


The primary goal of the Deckspert approach is to minimize overall training time and maximize training efficiency. Success is not measured by hours spent or number of course completions. “Completion” of a Deckspert module itself only comes when the skills themselves have been validated through guided observation. The time it takes for any trainee to achieve competence cannot be predicted in advance because every trainee learns differently and the circumstances of every training experience can vary dramatically due to a host of external factors. Prescribing the “necessary” training time in advance is a recipe for waste. Deckspert makes the necessary training resources available  to every learner, but the actual time it takes to reach competency may vary significantly by learner.