One-Click Publishing

Easily publish your Deckspert content for deployment on the web, on your LMS, or to your own customized support hub for all your employees to access from any device.

Templates & Collaboration Features

Create content templates to share with local groups across your company. Each group can have its own shared authoring domain where collaboration is easy. Account admins control access to the standardized templates, and they can monitor authoring activity across all local groups.


Deckspert courseware supports xAPI (Tin Can API) to provide rich, granular data for illuminating analytics. Track how much time it takes for trainees to accomplish specific tasks. Spot problem areas in skills-acquisition. Compare overall performance on skills assessments to audit scores or other metrics for powerful ROI insights.


Translate course content quickly and efficiently. Export course data to lean XML files which are easily shared with translation vendors, and re-imported to create fully translated courses. Deckspert’s baseline courseware already supports 23 languages, so creating a brand new course in one of these languages requires no translation at all.

Single-source Content Management

Create your content once and instantly publish to multiple modalities: learn, practice, challenge and checklist assessment. One easily created and maintained dataset feeds all four of these different modes of training and skills-assessment. Any change or update to the core content is instantly and automatically reflected in every mode.

Built-In Video Support

The Deckspert tool allows you to easily integrate training video into your modules. Instantly deploy video from multiple streaming services like Brightcove, Vimeo and YouTube. Just copy & paste the video’s URL into the tool, and, presto,  your video is enabled.