Deckspert was conceived and designed in partnership with KFC Global to solve some of the most challenging problems with their existing desktop-based training program.

Practical limitations: Moving to mobile was more than just following a trend.  Laptops were confined to cramped back offices and were shared by team members and managers. Just launching the training would take minutes instead of seconds and finding the necessary dedicated seat time was a luxury that most restaurants could ill-afford

Decentralized training workflows: As a franchise-based operation, KFC needed a solution that could be easily used by markets with resources with little to no instructional design or technical expertise. Deckspert’s WYSIWYG editor was designed so that anyone can pick it up and start creating training right away. The cloud-based library also offered content templates that markets could be easily duplicated, localized, translated and customized.

Metrics-focused, results-oriented training: Simplifying the training program meant a greater and more direct alignment with audit scores and customer satisfaction assessment tools. If the restaurant’s standards are straightforward, then the training should match that clarity and directness. Deckspert enforces that kind of precision by eliminating excess verbiage and targeting training to mission-critical skills and procedures.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut International was facing many of the same issues with their online training program as KFC. One of Pizza Hut’s top priorities, however, was to streamline their localization and translation workflows while maintaining strict control over their core training content and standards.

Deckspert’s multi-tiered account structure and user-management features allow for a small team of high-level administrators to create, maintain, and distribute training templates across a expandable range of local editor groups.

Trainers in local markets can easily customize their own training content, while Global Training leaders can simultaneously protect and enforce company standards by monitoring and reviewing the output of each group.

Deckspert’s one-click XML exporting and importing makes sending content out for translation a breeze. And for markets whose trainers are bi-lingual, in-tool translation is even easier and a lot cheaper.

Main Event

Main Event is a rapidly expanding chain of entertainment centers, each of which contain not only arcades, laser tag facilities, bowling lanes, and boardwalk-style games, but food and beverage service offerings as well.

This diversity of roles and responsibilities meant that new center openings (NCO’s) would typically take five days, and would require a staff of at least 1 home office trainer and 4-5 junior trainers, pulled from other centers around the country.  Obviously, the combined travel and lodging expenses for these NCOs was staggering.

By using Deckspert’s intergrated training approach to shift much of the training time to the first few in-center shifts for new hires, Main Event was able to cut 2 days from the typical NCO and reduce the number of on-site trainers by 2-3.

The savings meant that Deckspert paid for itself many times over in just one of the chain’s many new center launches.